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”You used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin size bed”

This part of the lyric reminds me about my crush who I’m starting to get over now…haha

I feel like such an idiot to have liked him for so long! He was such a big waste of time and now I’m hoping to find someone better. I should’ve listening to my intentions in the first place but no I liked him anyway. I told my friends about him and they ended up being right, he was jerk…..Now, I have to move on and delete his number off my phone for good.

I need to stop thinking about him so much because deep inside I know I can’t have him..:(

I need to get over him but I can’t help to still like him!…:(. Uhhh…it seemed that he was somewhat interested but after we hungout it was different. I should’ve not liked him in the first place but I couldn’t help it at all as he said ”wanna stay single as much as possible”… :/

I guess I have to move on at some point..

When can I find someone who likes the same interests as me?

Then, again God has that special someone planned out already…I wonder if I met him yet or not..

I see how it is, don’t msg me back then!. When you see your crush online and you say hope you had a good b-day or hey what’s up and they don’t acknowledge you…uhhh hate this!! oh well, there’s another person who I like anyway so I’m not going to sweat it.. HA!

I just want to hang out with him again but that won’t probably happen…..


I thought everything went good between us but idk what happened….:(